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What is "English in 80 Videos"?

  • I. An educational package of eight courses for students across different English proficency levels, ranging from A1 to B2.
  • II. Each course features 10 engaging videos alongside interactive resources which provide learners with immediate feedback.
  • III. With its adaptability for independent study or integration into classroom settings, this package provides educators and students with flexible options to optimise learning outcomes.

Teacher Resource Packs

If you subscribe, you will receive four Teacher Resource Packs, providing teachers with the option to have a paper-based classroom approach to complement the self-study online materials.

Integrations for greater flexibilty and easy access

Students can easily sign on to the courses with your learning platforms or course managements systems, allowing them to get learning even faster.

Integrations for greater flexibilty and easy access
Bonus Courses

B1/B2 Writing Course

IELTS Writing Course

Bonus Courses

Your school or college subscription will also give you access to additional courses:

  • English Roleplays Online (A2-B2)
  • English Writing Online (B1/B2)
  • IELTS Online Writing Course

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What people are saying about 'English in 80 Videos'

“Using English in 80 Videos has made teaching English more engaging for my students. They love the challenge, they can work at their own speed and it's a great way for them to learn vocabulary and grammar. The resource packs for A1-B2 learners are a lifesaver! They provide endless activities that cater to different learning styles, making it easier for me to plan my lessons.”

Sophie, France

“I've tried many online English courses, but this one is the best for me. The immediate feedback on my exercises keeps me motivated and exicted, and I can see my progress after each lesson. I've recommended these resources to all my friends who are learning English.”

Yumi, Japan

“The interactive exercises make learning English so much more enjoyable. I especially love the matching pairs game!! it's a fun way to practise vocabulary! Thank you very, very much.”

Marco, Italy
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