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'English In 80 videos'
A self-study course

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Optimal learning occurs when students perceive their studies as enjoyable. Our interactive online activities are designed to be engaging and entertaining, providing teachers with a valuable tool to enhance classroom instruction. Moreover, these resources offer the flexibility to be utilized both inside and outside the classroom, effectively promoting self-study. The inclusion of a tracking system is particularly advantageous as it allows both teachers and learners to monitor and assess their progress.

To join us, please complete the form below and provide us with the number of students. We will then provide you with a monthly and annual pricing quote. Then, we will require an email address for each learner, which will be used as their username and password for logging into the system. Within 24 hours, we will input the learners’ information. They will be able to access the platform using the email address provided and can change their password at any time.


Teacher resource books enhance the ‘English in 80 Videos’ course by providing additional exercises to support effective teaching and student learning.

Key Features

Engaging learning for All Levels

Eight courses offer original and memorable activities that make language learning both enjoyable and effective.

Versatile Classroom Integration

Empowering teachers to use 'English in 80 Videos' in any classroom setting, even without student computer access, with our practical Teacher Resource books.

Exam Readiness and Real-world Skills

Ideal for exam preparation and equipping learners with language skills essential for work and everyday life.

Flexibility for All Ages

Suitable for adults. teenagers and children, our materials cater to diverse learning needs, facilitating either self-study or classroom use.

How it Works

We are pleased to offer your school a trial of our ‘English in 80 Videos’ course. Here is how it works:

We provide 60 usernames and passwords, eliminating the need for individual student emails.

Students enjoy access to all 8 courses throughout the 2-week trial period.

Receive 4 Teacher Resource Books (after trial), providing teachers with the option to have a paper-based classroom approach to complement the self-study online materials.

Our support team is ready to assist both teachers and students every day.

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